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Pop-UP, tomas nicholas Music, CD Page

Tomas Nicholas
Live! @ My House    C  2007
1.Bright Side Of The Road ( Van Morrison ) 2. Feelin' Alright ( Joe Cocker * Dave Mason, composer) 3. (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight (Cutting Crew) 4. Fresh Air ( Quicksilver Messenger Service ) 5. Bertha ( Grateful Dead ) 6. Higher And Higher ( Mowtown/also James Taylor ) 6. You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker) 7. Just The Way You Are ( Billy Joel ) 8.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue ( Bob Dylan ) 9. Where Have All The Flowers Gone ( Pete Seeger ) 10. Wrapped Around Your Finger ( Police ) 11.Pride And Joy ( Stevie Ray Vaugh ) 12. Teddy Bear ( Elvis Dude ) 13. Somewhere ( Bernstein/Sondheim, West Side Story) 14. From A Distance ( Bette Midler * Julie Gold, composer) 15. Lullabye (Billy Joel)

Just me and the Roland fantom X8 with a mic and PC which allows a guy to do it all
from any hook-up to you..., way kewl! I just like keepin' these tunes alive.
"Fresh Air" is a special song from the 60's (yep, I was there and grown)
when I saw Quick Silver Messenger Service in San Francisco's beautiful,
Golden Gate Park. Now I have brought this tune into a contemporary
mood so I could parody it with an environmental twist. It was originally sequenced
(MIDI Music) by David R White who graciously gave permission to use
this great work and if ya like it, please pass it on! Thanks to David
and also to Jan Gunmar whose, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone"
(Pete Seeger tune) only has my vocal and keyboard over it.
Several tunes are permitted by HITTRAX of Austrailia (found online) who
originally sequenced them as shown on album liners.
The rest I did. All songs are licensed through publishers.
I did all the art work and other stuff and provided a disclaimer for
added materials on the album liners itself.

Running Time: 67 minutes All songs performed by Tom Tanzi (Vocals & keyboarding and sequencing)
and enhancements of sequences, some originally by others. Bright Side, Feelin' Alright
and Higher & Higher were originally sequenced by HITTRAX (of Austrailia ;online).
Much Thanks & gratitude to them and special Thank You to Jan Gunmar and David R. White for all the great work and permission.

Added Thanks for this album to the patient Ken Kondratieff, Opal & Brian Scott
(always helping) and as always Mark Rasmussen for keepin' it alive!