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The Circleblue Network Presents

the music of     tomas nicholas
Lyrics to: The Environmental Drums Of Earth

"The Environmental Drums of Earth"   copyright 1993 Tom Tanzi

Lifelets in a circle blue,
the future echoes sad, but true
If these environmental dangers keep on comm'n
Gotta get a message 'round the world
One Mankind 'neath their stars is hurled
It's a good thing all Her Children Love that Drumm'n

'Cause Mother Nature will be hiding, 'shamed her Man don't see
What was thought to be a freeway, really ain't so free
We gotta a garden full of cars and trucks
Oil -tankers run-amuck
The Eagles lungs are clogged up in the sky

Uncontrolled human waste
Every Creature gets a taste
What form of heart can let more species die?
Everyone must hear our pleas(e)...,
(Livelihood)* depends on trees
Yet, acid-rain stains air and seas and lands
Looky at this way of life,
carv'n out a Self-made strife
These problems and the solving's on our hands

Within this beauty there is Good,
We can make it understood
The bad stuff, by itself, won't go away
Nevermind a Pact, somehow
Agree the time to act is Now
And save this place for everything to play

Pollution and Solution rhyme,
don't be wast'n any time
Denying it or blaming one another
"Swords to plowshears", all come 'fess
Wage a war against the mess
This time you can't leave it for your Mother

Rhythm, tempo, ad lib beat
Earthlings Drumm'n where they meet
It's just a Fad and best to keep it sane
Like Her heartbeat burning bright,
For a moment steal the light
Love the sun, Dance the wind...,pray for cleansing rain

What good's all the money...,what about Our Freedom
Do we live and die in vein...? When our sickly Offspring
Turn our way and curse us...,knowing well we were to blame

Ya look, ya find a better way; Starts with any brand new day
Tell anyone who wants to come
No time for debating, Mother Earth is waiting
Come along and bring a Drum

*(Livelihood) from the original Terraen; meaning life in the Earthly Neighborhood

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